Next Library Day 3: You can’t fail at library

Things that inspired me today

Philipp Schmidt from MIT Media Lab enlightened us about hacking. He believes that hacking, in it’s true sense, is a theory of learning and innovation. Hacking is an act of kindness.
– Often things don’t turn out how you think but that’s part of the innovation.
– 4 Ps of Creative Learning are: Projects; Passion; Peers; Play
– Libraries have a great opportunity cater for those that fall through the cracks of formal education. They are perfect for creative learning, they are flexible spaces, they offer the freedom to be innovative, we don’t judge. You can’t fail at library
– Philipp also spoke about Peer 2 Peer online learning circles. Adult learners meet at a learning circle. This leads to peer to peer learning. Again, targets people who have dropped out of formal education.

Deborah Jacobs from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave us five things for a strong library field:
1. Progress comes from collaboration. Stop creating things from scratch. Libraries need to collaborate more.
2. Change needs the development of young leaders
3. Talk to the community to remain relevant. Align library services with community needs. We think we know what they need… but we usually don’t
4. Look for diverse funding
5. Show the library’s worth by having proof of impact. Measuring and demonstrated the impact on people’s lives is very powerful.

– At the excellent Creating Culture workshop, led by Patti Manolis, Jenny Ruffy and Annie Talve, we looked at the fact that libraries are important for cultural experience and creative identity but, are we embracing this role to its optimum impact?
– Each community is unique. Libraries play a vital role in the cultural identity of the community.
– We discussed the reports Public Libraries Victoria Network reports: 1) Dollars, sense and public libraries report. For every $1 spent per person in public libraries, there is a return of $3.50. 2) Creative Communities, describing the cultural benefits of Victoria’s public libraries.



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