Top 10 Take Aways from Next Library 2017

What an incredible three days. ‘Truly inspiring’ doesn’t even capture it. This conference has changed my brain and opened my eyes to what a conference should be. Thank you #nextlibrary2017. *mind blown*

Here are my Top 10 take aways from Next Library 2017.

1. Democracy is not about winning. It’s about learning. Democracy needs libraries.
2. Librarians are warm, big-hearted radicals.
3. True innovation is NOT about sharing what you know. It’s about sharing what you don’t know.
4. Talk to the community to remain relevant. Answers come from asking people to think.
5. Ask the right questions. Adults tend to put a bit of the answer in their questions but this doesn’t help us find out what we don’t know. ‘How’ questions are the best.
6. Libraries are a retreat. We provide a haven for the community and escape from the stress of modern life. Many want solitude but don’t want to feel lonely. They want to be anonymous but with other people. They are looking for ‘Together Alone’ activities.
7. Libraries are the ‘People’s University’. We are essential for those that have slipped through the cracks of formal education. You can’t fail at library.
8. Each community is unique. Libraries play a vital role in the cultural identity of the community.
9. In its true sense, hacking is a theory of innovation and learning. Hacking is an act of kindness.
10. Celebrate our slip ups. Yes! We made a mistake.

Next Library satellite will be in Berlin in September 2018. I strongly encourage you to do whatever you can to attend. Next Library will change the way you think.

Image credit: from the ‘Creating culture’ workshop led by Patti Manolis, Jenny Ruffy and Annie Tavle. 



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